Wave Rock

Wave Rock became famous when a keen photographer, Jay Hodges won world recognition for his photograph of Wave Rock at the 1964-1965 New York World Photography Fair. Wave Rock achieved local attention when the photo was later printed in the National Geographic and Walkabout magazine.

Hippo's Yawn

An unusually shaped granite rock that was formerly part of a larger outcrop resembles the shape of a hippo yawning. This is the second most visited site, it is connected to Wave Rock and the car park by a loop walking track, approx 1km along. Vehicle access is also provided.

Mulka's Cave at The Humps

The name Mulka comes from an Aboriginal legend believed to be associated with the cave. Mulka was the illegal son of a woman who fell in love with a man with whom marriage was forbidden.

It was believed that as a result of breaking these rules she bore a son with crossed eyes. Even though he grew to be an outstandingly strong man of colossal height, his crossed eyes prevented him from aiming a spear accurately and becoming a successful hunter.

Out of frustration, Mulka turned to catching and eating human children, and he became the terror of the district. It was said he lived in Mulka’s cave, where the imprints of his hands can still be seen, much higher than that of an ordinary man.

His mother became increasingly concerned about Mulka, and when she scolded him for his anti-social behaviour he turned on his own mother and killed her. This disgraced him even more and he fled his cave heading south.

All the aboriginal people of the district, outraged by Mulka’s behaviour, set out to track down the man who had flouted all of the rules. They finally caught him near Dumbleyung, 156km south west of Hyden, where they speared him. Because he did not deserve a proper ritual burial, they left his body to the ants; a grim warning to those who break the law.



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15 Things to see and do..

1. Wave Rock & Hippo's Yawn

2. The Humps and Mulka's Cave

3. Aboriginal Cave Art & Culture

4. Wave Rock Night Star Gazing

5. Wave Rock Animal Sanctuary

6. Wave Rock Interpretative

7. Guided Tours of Wave Rock, Farm and Surrounds

8. Watch the Sunset & Rise on Wave Rock

9. See Orchids and Wildflowers in season

10. Antique "Lace Place" Museum

11. Miniature Soldiers of the Great Wars

12. Enjoy Scenic, Peaceful Aqua Lake Magic

13.Pioneer Town Museum

14. Hyden Metal Street Art

15. Meet the friendly locals at the pub.


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